Shannon Willis, M.F.A

Shannon Willis is a multi-disciplinary artist residing in Portland Oregon. From very early on, her artistic family fostered her visual imagination by immersing her in a creative environment. Her work continues to evolve and push boundaries between traditional art media and emerging technologies. Shannon has a Bachelors of Fine Art in Sculpture from the Pacific Northwest College of Art and a Masters of Fine Art from the University of California Santa Barbara. She shows her expansive multi-media installations and artwork internationally, recently exhibiting a video installation during International Digital Arts Week in Paris France.

Shannon's work explores the exchange between philosophy, quantum physics, spirituality, and emotions. Video, tactile sculptural objects, projection, and viewer interaction become the tangible results of those converging ideas. The art work becomes an event. She creates the objects and the script, providing spaces for the viewers to become engaged, entertained and entangled in the phenomena of being alive.