Nandini Ranganathan, Ph.D.

Founder of Make+Think+Code

Nandini Ranganathan is the founder of Make+Think+Code, a technology-focused research institute, lab, and studio that brings together members of Portland's vibrant creative, tech, civic, and educational communities to explore the powerful role that creativity and technology play in the search for imaginative and impactful solutions to complex and urgent problems.

Nandini has a PhD. and M.S. in Mathematics from the University of Michigan and an A.B. in Mathematics from Wellesley College. She is currently an Associate Professor of Mathematics, Media Arts, and Liberal Arts at the Pacific Northwest College of Art. Her research interests and work include questions in abstract mathematics, cryptography, innovative curriculum design, and the potential, implications, and applications of emerging technology in the world. She organizes technology, data, and design--focused cross-sector convenings to foster inclusive collaborative problem-solving and civic engagement. Nandini is deeply passionate about increasing diversity in technology and design education and research.

She always feels a tinge of confusion and sadness as she declares "I am not a robot" while filling out forms online.