Alice Rotsztain

Alice Rotsztain is a believer in the cultural commons. Her formative days at CARS (LA’s pioneers for public cultural programming) instilled in her a sensibility that art is most vital in the city as a public resource, accessible to all. She has worked with interdisciplinary teams to create design artifacts that tell social stories and has consulted with educators and artists, clarifying their ideas to reach diverse audiences. She has produced public workshops and served institutions such as UCLA, WPS1(art radio), The Getty, LACMA, Orange County Museum of Art, and the City of Santa Monica. She has made solar-powered jewelry and fashion, contributed to DIY publications on craft and technology, and most recently designed custom laser-cut looms, inviting citizens to weave their trash. A lifelong maker and crafter, she is a founding member of Portland Textile Club, a social club for textile enthusiasts.